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Podcast for October 31st, 2018

It’s our Spooktacular Halloween episode! Paul DJs mashups at a Halloween party, while Tony tells a creepy tale.

Shamans of Sound – Love Lessons [single]
2DCAT – Carnivàle [Carnivàle]
Nah. – Be Better [single]
Alecia Renece – You’re Welcome [single]
Vegas With Randolph – She’s An Intellectual [Legs & Luggage]
Echolalia – Separation Anxiety [End Family Separation compilation]

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Podcast for March 16th, 2017

Tony heads to Texas, while Paul sets the record straight.

Will Eastman – Froggie [Hilo]
Venn – Surreal [Venn EP]
Dulio – Nostalgia Web [single]
The Sea Life – Red Eyes [The Sea Life]
Vegas with Randolph – Women in Airports [single]
Yoko K – Lou [We Stand: An International Compilation In Support of Planned Parenthood]

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Vegas With Randolph – Snow Day video

Oh, DC. A dusting of snow and everyone freaks out. I grew up here so I know just as well as anyone our love/hate/terror relationship with the white stuff. Local rock band Vegas With Randolph wrote a catchy song for the occasion called Snow Day that we featured in our special holiday mixtape episode of the Hometown Sounds Podcast. And just today they released the video for the song! Well timed, gentlemen.


Vegas With Randolph – Supergirl video

Over the weekend modern rockers Vegas With Randolph debuted their new music video for Supergirl, from their 2011 album Above The Blue. Fun stuff!


Vegas With Randolph – Some Time To Live video

DC music video of the day! Vegas With Randolph is a power pop band that’s easy to love. They readily draw comparisons to pop acts Fountains of Wayne, Sloan and Fastball. They’d certainly be in heavy rotation on local FM radio, if only our local FM radio options catered to listeners and not major record labels. The band’s video for Some Time To Live, from their 2011 album Above The Blue, should strike a chord with anyone in DC who owns a car.