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Stephen Redhead – Red Carpet feat. Breana Marin

Waikiki, the beautiful beach-festooned tourist destination in Hawaii’s capital Honolulu, is a surprising backdrop for DMV rapper Stephen Redhead‘s bespectacled appearance. He took full advantage of a recent performance there with Foolapalooza to film this video for the luxe single “Red Carpet” with support from LA singer Breana Marin. Grab the Deluxe version of Redhead’s debut album Exxxactly for more of his charming smirk and catchy rhymes.


Stephen Redhead – Cap Heights

Aw yeah, Redhead is back! We’ve been fans of bespectacled rapper Stephen Redhead from PG County since 2012, though the wait for his debut album Exxxactly grows long. He recently released a new single “Cap Heights”, produced by Nature Boi, as an exclusive for his friends on Apple Music. Now the music video, from House Studio & Kimshimwon’s $5 Music Video series, can make him some new friends and fans everywhere as he warmly welcomes us to his home town.

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Redhead – Too Much video

Rapper Stephen Redhead continues his trend of self-reflection and lamenting negativity in his newest music video “Too Much“. The video begins with a tense conversation between Redhead and himself regarding his public perception, so hang on (or skip ahead) to about two minutes in for the beats and rhymes to flow. Look for Redhead’s EP Exxxactly to drop soon.

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Stephen Redhead – Aim To Please video

Scrappy young rapper Stephen Redhead goes full-on DIY for this music video. Aim To Please, a hard-hitting song about rough times growing up, from the FREE 2011 mixtape The Schemata, was shot by Redhead himself driving around DC. See him ducking down? He’s actually dodging the watchful eyes of the police. Don’t try this yourselves kids, Redhead is a professional rapper.