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KAG – Diana Ross

It is a beautiful, unseasonably warm day today. Are you stuck in your office doing work while this beautiful day passes into history? Yeah, us too. Why don’t we go for a (weird, ominous) bike ride with Katie Alice Greer? The Priests frontwoman’s solo project KAG recently released a collection of experimental sounds called EP A, and also directed a few music videos to accompany it. “Diana Ross” is far from a disco song, but there is a pulsing beat and swirly vocals that echo 70s clubbing. The video feels more like a desperate escape from some unseen horror rather than a delightful ride through a summery day.

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KAG – Narcissus

Yesterday we showed you the new music video by Priests, but that’s not all that frontwoman Katie Alice Greer has been up to lately. After moving out of the city for the first time in a decade, Greer began a solo project of experimental and ambient noise recordings, inspired by, as she notes, “weird suburbia, formidable famous women, and the 1947 film Black Narcissus”. Greer’s solo moniker KAG released four of these songs on a new (sold-out womp womp) cassette release called EP A, and you can check this new material out live tonight at Safari Restaurant & Lounge alongside Brooklyn’s Future Punk, Duchess Says from Montreal and Seattle punk band Bad Future. Greer also directs her own videos, so enjoy this industrial weirdness for the single “Narcissus”.

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