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K.A.A.N. – The Way

Rapper Brandon Perry’s latest video as K.A.A.N. takes us into the home studio where he and producer ORBT craft a seemingly endless supply of gems. This is a man-cave with a purpose. K.A.A.N. is wholly devoted to SoundCloud streaming, so head there to hear his latest mixtape with Genshin.


K.A.A.N. – Chill Bill

This is the 4th video we’ve featured this year from rapper Brandon Perry’s moniker K.A.A.N. (Knowledge Above All Nonsense). A look at his SoundCloud and YouTube feeds shows this young talent just can’t stop slinging song after song up online with determined regularity. His newest is Chill Bill, his unmistakeable rapid fire rhymes over the well-known track with the whistle sample from Kill Bill originally from San Diego’s Rob $tone. The_Faiz_Phase again mans the camera as K.A.A.N. spits fire about police brutality from a smelly alley somewhere in Maryland.


K.A.A.N. – Still

Hey DC. Hey. You remember the other day, when we showed you that video by K.A.A.N.? The one with the staccato machine-gun fire of dope lyrics to drown out any doubts about Brandon Perry’s ability to deliver Knowledge Above All Nonsense? Well well, guess what. Just one week after posting the song and video for “Water”, K.A.A.N. delivers again with the Cashflow-produced song “Still”, once again with The_Faiz_Phase crafting the accompanying visuals. Go to your calendar and draw a big red X on Friday September 9th cuz that’s the day you’ll be heading to H St. NE’s Rock & Roll Hotel to catch K.A.A.N. live alongside locals 8hundred, Chomp Chomp Beats and Detroit’s Skywlkr. And don’t miss Perry’s comedic impression skills at the end of the video.


K.A.A.N. – Water

Columbia MD rapper KAAN releases killer singles about as fast as he strings together words, which is (Spoiler Alert) really quite fast. The quick-fire rapping might be an attention-grabbing strategy, but it takes a deft talent to pull it off like KAAN does, and who’s to argue with results anyway? The latest single by Brandon Perry’s moniker, which stands for Knowledge Above All Nonsense, is the Blev-produced “Water”, and this time KAAN tapped fellow MD musical collaborator The_Faiz_Phase with music video duties. Follow KAAN’s SoundCloud feed for a steady flow of sonic gems, and try to decode all the lyrical knowledge before the next one drops.


Podcast for May 18th, 2016


Paul recaps the Funk Parade and Tony explores the linguistic subtleties of the word “just”.

Party Like It’s – Clockwork Lover [single]
Rare Essence – Turn It Up feat. DJ Kool [Turn It Up]
K.A.A.N. – Phoenix [Eclectic Audio]
Bells and Hunters – Kid on a Bike [Modern Witch’s Songbook Vol II: Wives’ Tales]
Olivia Mancini – Easy Right Now [Walkabout]
Domingues & Kane – The Hunted Hare part 1 [Gut + Voltage: Viola da Gamba & Electronics in Synthesis]

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K.A.A.N. – Phoenix

Knowledge Above All Nonsense is both the mantra and moniker of Columbia MD rapper K.A.A.N. His flow is so staccato and dense, you’ll be listening dozens of times to catch all the knowledge whizzing through your ears. K.A.A.N.’s technical ability is unmistakable and music videos like today’s feature “Phoenix” will cement his status as THE rising star in DMV hip-hop. “Phoenix” comes from K.A.A.N.’s latest release Eclectic Audio, a 5 song mixtape EP that needs no guests or flashy producer credits, just thoughtful production from ORBT that easily stands up to K.A.A.N.’s rhymes.