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Well well, it’s been a minute since we checked in on K.A.A.N., the fast-rapping pride of Columbia MD. At one point songs and videos by the prolific rapper flooded SoundCloud and YouTube frequently, giving fans a steady dose of his wit and dexterity. Now he’s changed course and saved up 18 (!) new songs for a full length album called Gathering that just dropped on Spotify. K.A.A.N. loves him some acronyms (Knowledge Above All Nonsense, FYI) so of course the album’s first single is called “KYST” (spoiler alert: Keep Your Shit Together). This video from director Matthew T Robinson showcases KAAN’s verbal flow over some sweet production from Bleverly Hills & Dem Jointz.


K.A.A.N. – The Whole World

Columbia MD rapper K.A.A.N. takes his deft lyrics to the Hollywood hills in his new video “The Whole World”. The production from Grammy nominated Dem Jointz takes K.A.A.N.’s vibes to uncharted territories, proving that the fast rap game isn’t all he can do. Jointz has mainstream attention from his production work on Dr. Dre’s final album Compton, and matching that with K.A.A.N.’s independently driven social media following is a powerhouse collab delivering both this single and the upcoming album Dem-A-God.


K.A.A.N. – No Sucka MC’s

Hip-hop producer Kato on the Track just wrapped up entries in the 5th of his No Sucka MC’s contest. This annual feature gives talented rappers a chance for production work and features with this prominent producer and his engineering imprint NastyTrax. Our favorite swift-tongued rapper K.A.A.N. (Knowledge Above All Nonsense) submitted this entry, with his stock verbal dexterity packing in a fantastic amount of philosophy. Follow K.A.A.N.’s SoundCloud feed for more tracks and fire!


K.A.A.N. – Positive

It’s tough to stay positive these days, no doubt. K.A.A.N. (Knowledge Above All Nonsense) emplores us to “take a deep breath and don’t overthink it” on his new single “Positive”. For this song rapper Brandon Perry grabbed his frequent collaboration pair of ORBT on beats and The_Faiz_Phase on video for the slick and polished production we’ve come to expect from this deft wordsmith. Follow his SoundCloud feed to keep up with his prolific track releases.


K.A.A.N. – Last Thing

Two videos in one week! Not at all a surprise from the prolific rapper K.A.A.N., delivering “Knowledge Above All Nonsense” on the reg. “Last Thing” comes from K.A.A.N.’s newest EP, the second volume collaborating with producer SGULL that just went live on his SoundCloud stream yesterday. Someone could start a lucrative Patreon campaign to decode and transcribe all these lyrics, you know.


K.A.A.N. – Woods

Apparently K.A.A.N. is so powerful, just smoking some of his weed will cause full body spasms. The dextrous rapper’s newest video “Woods”, produced by Zane Alexander, gets goofy with breakfast cereal and the classic Diet Coke and Mentos trick. If you need more, don’t sleep on Abstractions, K.A.A.N.’s latest collaboration with Berlin producer Klaus Layer presented on cassette and clear vinyl by Redefinition Records.


Podcast for April 12th, 2017

Paul recalls beverage comedy at a New Year’s Eve house show, while Tony gets named Teacher of the Month.

Den-Mate – Fall [Entropii]
ROM – Habit [single]
Jackie and the Treehorns – A World Gone Mad [single]
Lookout Gang – Shadow Chasers [Shadow Chasers EP]
K.A.A.N. & Eremsy – Vibes [K​.​A​.​A​.​N. x Eremsy EP]
Jason Mullinax – Next Time We Fly [Time Being]

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KAAN – Oochie Wally Remix

2017 could go any number of ways, but I can confidently predict that K.A.A.N., MD rapper and star of one of our fave music videos of 2016, will continue to deliver a steady flow of amazing rhymes, tracks and videos. His latest layers K.A.A.N.’s knowledge over the classic 2001 track by Nas and Bravehearts “Oochie Wally”, and includes a lengthy preamble showing a glimpse into K.A.A.N.’s work ethic, involving keeping a neat desk and smoking weed the right way. He takes it all seriously.


Top 5 Videos of 2016 #4: K.A.A.N. – Phoenix

K.A.A.N. – Knowledge Above All Nonsense. Columbia, MD rapper Brandon Perry has delivered anything but nonsense in his prolific output this past year. He kicked off the year with a 5 song EP called Eclectic Audio with epic and cinematic production work from ORBT. Since then he’s posted new songs to his SoundCloud at a rapid clip, mirroring his signature nimble vocal delivery. Many of the songs have been filmed as music videos, unmatched in quantity by any other in our area. The best of the bunch is the first one we featured, Perry’s violent and surreal tale “Phoenix”, with direction by Josh Sallee and Logan Meis. KAAN stands apart in the DC hip-hop scene, and is bound for rising fame in 2017.


KAAN – Just Another Day

Just another day, just another K.A.A.N. video. By my count, rapper Brandon Perry has published an astounding 10 music videos so far in 2016, and there’s still a few weeks left. The_Faiz_Phase delivers both the woozy beats and the flickering VHS-style music video for “Just Another Day”, while K.A.A.N. provides his signature precise and rapid-fire delivery. K.A.A.N. is the best reason to get a SoundCloud account to keep up with his frequent releases.