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Podcast for October 5th, 2016


Tony shares the DC music origins behind his very magenta jacket, Paul is tickled by personalized Bandcamp thank-you emails.

Saba Abraha – You Are Not My Friend [How Things Fly]
Aaron Abernathy – Bachelorette feat. Phonte & Black Milk [Monologue]
Governess – Severance [“S/T”]
Light Arms – Unbearable Weight (Taking Out The Trash) [single]
Infinity Crush – Drowning Here With All My Friends [Warmth Equation]
huSEQ – Super Extoller [Rare Landing EP]

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huSEQ – Super Extoller

Sean Husick, veteran of hardcore punk bands like Milemarker, Blankface, Static is a City and Elders, has succumbed to the lure of synths and drum machines and radically changed course. Originally dubbed Heavy Weapons, Husick’s electronic moniker recently rebranded as huSEQ for the release of his debut EP Rare Landing that comes out on October 19th. The EP’s first single “Super Extoller” shows that huSEQ still embraces the post-punk influences while appealing to the dance floor, and the single’s music video is rooted in early 90s computer graphics and video glitches. The EP’s Bandcamp page also shows the Limited Edition Floppy Disk Shaped USB Drive for maximum computing nostalgia.