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Free Soil – Black


It’s been quite an intense week, right? The race for the Democratic presidential nomination winnowed down to the insurgent versus the establishment, the dreaded coronavirus haunts public gatherings and airplanes, and we all re-learn to wash our hands.

In the midst of all this, we’d like to introduce you to Free Soil, the new group on the experimental label Verses Records. Taking their name from a short lived political party in the early 1850s (motto: “free soil, free speech, free labor, and free men”), this anti-fascist, non-partisan band seeks to “provide documented demonstration in the form of audio/visual presentation both in media and live events”. For now, the quartet is withholding their identities to “prevent retaliation from government, state, corporate, and fascist entities who serve to provide false information in benefit of special interests”.

Their debut release “Black” is an absolute gut-punch on the fraught subject of fascism. An automated narrator iterates through the 14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism, documented years ago in an article by Dr. Lawrence Britt. The video, compiled under the Fair Use Act, showcases the dangers of our current political climate and bad actors. Eschewing monetary compensation, Free Soil endeavors for a grass-roots campaign to disseminate this powerful work, with downloads enabled through Vimeo or at this link.

Free Soil plan more releases soon with works concerning government and corporate corruption, gun violence, colonialism/imperialism, climate change, and current social issues. Their live presentation promises a sensory overload, incorporating gut rattling sonic dynamics, challenging video content and hypnotic strobes and lighting. Don’t miss them next on Wednesday March 18th at the VFW 9274 in Falls Church along with DC’s Luna Honey, Fix Your Hearts and NYC post-metal acts Kayo Dot and Psalm Zero.

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