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Loud Boyz – 4 The Ladies video

Like funk and go-go, hardcore punk will always be a respected part of DC’s musical DNA. Loud Boyz are a hardcore band equally well suited to screaming and fast drum beats as they are posing for dramatic photos on and off stage. Their debut LP Tough Love, Hard Feelings doesn’t come out until July 5th, but local label Cricket Cemetery teased us with a powerful track from that release, “Knives”.

Their debut track, the party anthem “4 The Ladies”, got this fun music video treatment a while back from Scott Pitocco and Jack Eddy, and is currently available on 7″ vinyl in boring black or debaucherous absinthe colors. Catch them kicking off the Beach Fuzz record release party from Shark Week this Saturday at the Dance Loft on 14th, sure to be the party of the weekend.

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Uptown XO – Who video

The Arlington-based vinyl label Cricket Cemetery originally focused on punk releases, but I’m pleased that Ian Thompson’s musical tastes and ambitions are broad. DC rapper and Diamond District member Uptown XO is the latest to get the deluxe vinyl reissue treatment, surprisingly for his 2008 mixtape Takeover 2. To hype the summer release, limited to only 100 precious copies [cough cough PREORDER], the lyrically boastful track “Who” gets the music video treatment from Blakk House Films.

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