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Bobby Thompson – Meet Me By The Garden


Hometown Sounds is proud to premiere the hot new single “Meet Me By The Garden” by blues rock maestro Bobby Thompson. This song is the lead-off track from Thompson’s brand new self-titled album, his seventh studio album since 2011.

We chatted with Thomspon via email about his new album, the reshuffling of his Bandcamp catalog, and what’s up with his next live show.

When we checked in with you last Spring, you were teasing your new album with a short EP called ‘Song of Love’. How did this new album come together?

I think I pulled together a great cast of musicians for this album, and some of the guys and I toured together, so we were pretty tight by the time we tracked the record. A few of the songs were hold-overs from 2014 and 2015 studio sessions, and those seemed to fit well with some of the newer material, like “Meet Me By The Garden” and “My Everything”. We did a lot of the tracking for this album at Cue studios in Falls Church, Virginia, and we’ve got a few awesome special guests, like Mark Wenner of The Nighthawks, and Matt Grundy, who tours with Donovan Frankenreiter.

Your Bandcamp page is now full of revamps and revisions of previous releases. What drove this effort to streamline your catalog?

I decided to clean things up, and repackage a few albums. Rather than reprinting Live By The Creek (Revelator Hill with Ron Holloway) and Live at IOTA, I created a new design and reissued them both as a double album Live in Arlington, which should be available on disc January 2020.

The Retrospect album has also been revised: I pulled out all of the acoustic tracks and added in some of my favorite from the Blueheart Revival and Revelator Hill days. That’s available digitally now, and soon on CD.

What’s really fitting is the latest version of The Acoustic Sessions. It’s based off the award-winning EP from 2018, but now includes the acoustic tracks from Retrospect to make a full-length acoustic album. That’s the one I’m the happiest with because it fits direction I’m going in.

What keeps you so devoted to perfecting your trademark blues rock sound?

I’m never satisfied with my work. I love it but as soon as an album comes out, I’m already reinterpreting it. Rarely do I play a song exactly like the album version. I think that’s why I really like finishing an album soon after I write the music. If I wait too long, the ideas change and reform and I’m writing new music.

Do you miss Clarendon’s IOTA as much as we do?

I struggled at first. I went through the stages of grief, in some random order. I was sad, and I was in denial. I was angry, and felt betrayed. I’ve come to accept losing IOTA, and now all I want to do is honor the existence of such a legendary club. I’m lucky to have been able to record a live album there, and have so many memories. I’m at peace with it now, but it was tough at first.

Hit us with all the important details of your album release show.

We’ve got Virginia’s own Karen Jonas and her band opening the show. I’ve found our music fits well together, and it’s been dubbed ‘The Country Blues’ show. I really like her songwriting, and she’s influenced me and my approach to song-craft. If you haven’t heard her, you should remedy that right away.

The band on deck for Pearl Street makes up a strong core of the album. Ben, Gary, and Kurt have all worked with me for many years, and we read each other like hawks. They keep an eye on me if I go into an improvisational vibe, and I’m always feeding off what they give back to me. Usually there are fireworks of the musical kind. You’ll have to experience it to know what I mean. Come out November 8 to Pearl Street Warehouse.


Podcast for May 30th, 2019

Paul hears something strange in Amazon streaming music, while Tony invests in clown accessories.

Maryjo Mattea – A New Normal [single]
Bobby Thompson – On the Ground [Songs of Love EP]
Solia – Forever [Fast Cars & Midnight]
Beauty Pill – SFLRE Study No. 5 [Sorry You’re Here]
Palette – Learn to Crawl [Split W/ Child Princess]
Lisa Frank & Rez Ekbatan – Whisper [Whisper DJ single]

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Bobby Thompson – On The Ground


We know blues master Bobby Thompson well from many DC area bands, from Blueheart Revival, Mud Rey, Revelator Hill and his own Bobby Thompson Project. For his newly released EP called The Acoustic Sessions, the frequent collaborator decided to present new songs in stripped-down solo fashion to highlight the masterful songwriting and assured performance.

The intent of this EP was to present the music in the most raw form, written on the acoustic guitar and acoustic lap, and kept simple from the start. The three songs kicking off the EP serve as previews of full-band versions expected on a new solo album in 2019. All three songs, ‘On The Ground’, ‘My Everything’, and ‘Hard to Come Back’, are presented here in the shape and form they were written in: acoustic and straight-from-the-heart.

After recording these songs, Thompson shot brand new videos of the songs for a series he’s calling “The Acoustic Barn Sessions”, and Hometown Sounds is honored to premiere the first video from it, “On The Ground”.

HTS: You work with a lot of different collaborators, what’s the motivation behind doing these tracks acoustic and solo?
Thompson: I’ve been wanting to release an acoustic-based album for some time now, and this is the start to that. There is something raw and beautiful about a song in its most pure form, and it’s my first real release as a singer-songwriter. Up until now, I’ve mostly released albums with songs written as a band, or with a full-band arrangement in mind.

Where is the barn at walnut grove and what brought you there to record those songs live?
Sandi Redman, a well-known local DC-area videographer and super-fan, suggested we film at this barn in Leesburg, Virginia, which is on private property. I wanted to share visuals of the songs, and this barn was a perfect setting on a Sunday afternoon. I hope people enjoy watching this video series, and I’m thankful to Hometown Sounds for premiering the first one.

Any upcoming shows to plug?
Yes. This Friday October 19 I’ll be playing solo acoustic at the Lake Anne Coffeehouse and Wine Bar in Reston, Virginia at 6pm. Next weekend, I’m on the road to New York City and Boston, with a live-to-vinyl session in Brooklyn for Leesta Vall Sound Recordings. You can visit my facebook page for more details on how to option a rare live version of songs from ‘The Acoustic Sessions’ on vinyl. I’ll also be playing Thursday, October 25 at Rockwood Music Hall Stage One at 6pm in Manhattan.


Podcast for September 8th, 2015 feat. Bobby Thompson


Blues rocker Bobby Thompson drops by the Hometown Sounds podcast to talk about his favorite tracks and preview his new record “Live At Iota”.

Bobby Thompson – Down To Here [Live at Iota]
Lauren Calve – Sweep [Between The Creek And The Tracks]
Laura Tsaggaris – Only In Daydreams [Live at the Atlas]
Whisky Legs – Needy Woman
Bobby Thompson – Nobody’s Fool [Live at Iota]
Laura Cheadle – The Best that It Could Feel

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Blueheart Revival – Early in the Morning video

Bobby Thompson’s blues rock band Blueheart Revival just released the third video from their debut full length album Stone Feathers. Like last year’s premiere video “Setting Sun”, Thompson and his talented crew along with engineer Sean Russel recorded “Early in the Morning” at Cue Recording Studio’s Red Room and Clubhill Media‘s Matt Williams was there to capture footage, but Thompson himself did the editing for this interesting view into the recording process. Iota in Clarendon is the spiritual home of this rugged style in DC, so head there Friday night to hear Blueheart Revival wail and croon with support from Jonathan Slone and Wayward Dog.

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Blueheart Revival – Setting Sun video

To list the many projects involving blues virtuoso Bobby Thompson (Mud Rey, the Lauren Calve Band, Justin Jones) shows how in-demand and involved he is. His outlet for blues-rock is Blueheart Revival, with Colin Thompson, Kurt Kratch, Tommy Lepson and Gary Crockett, and their debut full length album Stone Feathers just dropped a couple of days ago with 8 original songs by Thompson. Today they debuted their first music video for the classic “Setting Sun” featuring Bobby’s distinctive voice and a howling guitar lick. Much like the excellent video from The Cowards Choir we premiered last month, the cameras of Clubhill Media captured the recording of the song at Cue Recording Studios in Falls Church by The Circus Life’s Sean Russell. Keep up the great video work CHM!

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Bobby Thompson – Down To Here video

Last week blues rocker Bobby Thompson, longtime bandmate of Justin Jones, released a music video for his newest single Down To Here. Directed by Paulo Carrillo, it’s got just the right amount of melancholy, guitar solos and impressive facial hair. Keep an eye out for Bobby’s new blues DC supergroup Mud Rey with Tony Moreno on bass and the always-in-demand Ben Tufts on drums.