Don’t Stay Home This Week 1/13

Monday 1/13:
Experimental pop musician Kai Orion from Fredrick MD kicks off a month-long tour at Galaxy Hut tonight along with West Virginia’s Little Lawnmowers.

Tuesday 1/14:
Barking Carnies and Mistress Tigers are two DC bands in the sprawling community fostered by the 7DrumCity studio. See them Tuesday night at 7DC’s The Pocket supporting Austin TX’s Sadie & The Ladies. Come hungry because free Hot Pockets are promised to all.

Wednesday 1/15:
Jake Reid of Screen Vinyl Image is in the midst of moving, so his normally electronic set as Secret Wilderness on Wednesday night at Del Ray’s Evening Star Cafe is a rare acoustic offering instead. Then he joins instrumental shoegaze band Ice Out on bass, and everyone goes home happy.

Thursday 1/16:
Rhizome curates a wild lineup Thursday night as experimental rap duo Model Home and indie rock band Staffers open for singer-songwriter Paul McMahon from Woodstock NY.


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