Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 8/23

Friday 8/23:
Tonight Bethesda’s Villain & Saint hosts The 5×5 Songwriting Showcase. Alchemical Records curated the talented lineup of Bellwether Bayou, Mike & Melinda Hamilton, Jason “MetroSongs” Mendelson, Petty Indulgences, and “The Legend of Zelda-inspired heavy metal band” Master Sword.

Saturday 8/24:
Arts event organizers PAKKE have taken this Saturday‘s Near Northeast Cabin Sessions album release show at Cheshire in AdMo to the next level. In addition to an art show from members of the Working Artists group, and of course a live set from the gorgeous indie folk band, Hometown Sounds will lead a panel discussion focusing on this collaborative intersection between the music and visual art. We’d love to see you there.

Sunday 8/25:
Domestic Terror Productions, lovers of loud punk, metal and hardcore sound, host an insane festival across three venues this weekend called Snot Fest. Sunday night‘s “post show” at the Pie Shop was to include a Philly band call the Droogettes, but sadly they can’t make it. The punky all-DC lineup now includes Babies With Rabies along with The Split Seconds, Kromanauts, Capital Offender and The Xiles.


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