Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 5/17

#DCmusic. Don’t Stay Home! Shows!

Friday 5/17:
Shamans of Sound, a new reggae band featuring DC music veterans, just released their third single “The Ultimate High” featuring Abhik Saha. Celebrate with them tonight at Tropicalia for their Friday Night Live party, with no cover charge.

Saturday 5/18:
Gypsy Sally’s in Georgetown has a fine night of funk Saturday night, featuring Aztec Sun and BOOMscat. Boom.

Sunday 5/19:
Soooo, Sunday night is the finale of a rather popular HBO series. Meanwhile Clarendon’s Galaxy Hut hosts 3 delightful indie rock bands that night, Little Lawnmowers from WV and two of our own, The Meer and Miss, Understand Me. The music starts at 10, which is pretty late for a Sunday but not late enough to watch the whole episode, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.


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