Don’t Stay Home This Week 5/06

Monday’s here, and it’s time to plan your week of hitting up live music. Here are our #DCmusic picks for the week ahead.

Monday 5/06:
Surfgazers Coral Benders, recently featured on our podcast, team up with Club Scout, powerful indie rock band featuring recent podcast guest host Javier Diaz, tonight at Slash Run. They host Baltimore’s Silent October and Minneapolis band Kiss The Tiger, touring to support their new album Let Me Bleed.

Tuesday 5/07:
The DIY spot Dwell really has captured the wayward underground house show energy in DC. Tuesday night the lineup at the red brick carriage house includes Lotion Princess, Weston Smith, Social Station and Philly’s Mavis the Dog.

Wednesday 5/08:
It takes some nerve to name your band Dentist, for obvious reasons. The touring NJ band hits the Pie Shop Wednesday night with support from two DC acts, The Countess and Olivia Mancini & The Mates.

Thursday 5/09:
Just look at this Thursday night bill at Dew Drop Inn. Bal Boheme. The Electric Grandmother. Jack On Fire. Baltimore friend Marian McLaughlin. Varied in genre, style and volume, this is quintessential and irresistible. Also, holy shit this flyer.


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