Don’t Stay Home This Week 4/09

We’re back with more great reasons to get up off the couch and check out the thriving #DCmusic scene.

Tuesday 4/09:
Tonight Sauf Haus‘s Tuesday night open mic features power-pop duo DoubleMotorcycle. Sign up in advance with hostess Ginny Hill to share your tunes with a friendly crowd.

Wednesday 4/10:
New Zealand-born singer Emma G‘s Superhero tour lands at H Street’s Pie Shop Wednesday night, with support from hip-hop MC Dior Ashley Brown and allthebestkids’ caped crusader Cody Valentine.

Thursday 4/11:
Check out the new wave of reggae experimentation Thursday night at Pearl Street Warehouse with 2019 Wammie-award winning Shamans of Sound, Alexandria’s FeelFree, and Roots of a Rebellion from Nashville.


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