Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 4/05

You thinkin’ about staying home this weekend? Binging that new Netflix show, leveling up in Destiny or trying your hand at baking bread? Then you’d miss the warm Spring temps, cherry blossoms and of course these recommended #DCmusic shows.

Friday 4/05:
Strong and diverse lineup at the Pie Shop tonight, which is just what we like to share with you here. Punk-adjacent singer-songwriter Anna Connolly plays her first hometown show in a few months, joined by dark trip-hop faves Luna Honey and Baltimore’s manners manners.

Saturday 4/06:
Prolific drummer and beard-grower extraordinaire Ben Tufts presents another in his crowd pleasing tribute concert series Ben Tufts & Friends. This time Tufts pays homage to the legendary musical year 1969, with Aztec Sun as Sly and the Family Stone, Black Dog Prowl as Led Zeppelin, The Beanstalk Library as Neil Young, Bobby Thompson Trio as The Beatles / Fleetwood Mac / The Band, Cynthia Marie Trio as Joni Mitchell / Joan Baez / Blind Faith and so much more. Head to Gypsy Sally’s early Saturday night and bring your generous spirit to benefit the The Craig Tufts Educational Scholarship Fund.

Sunday 4/07:
Let’s wrap up this weekend with a chill night of jazzy tunes out in the ‘burbs. Sunday night‘s lineup at Epicure Cafe in Fairfax features recent podcast features Sweet Something, Albino Rhino and newcomers agmité.


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