Don’t Stay Home This Week 2/25

Friends, this week sees the end of February and some choice #DCmusic for you every single night. No reason at all to stay home and miss it.

Monday 2/25:
It’s a strong night of dark music tonight at Dew Drop Inn. Alejandro Castaño’s new group Replicant Eyes, repped by Etxe Records, joins Blight RecordsLuna Honey, vets of our Millennium Stage series, and Harrisonburg band Buck Gooter.

Tuesday 2/26:
Tuesday nights are best for discovering new gems and celebrating community at open mic nights and jam sessions. This Tuesday Sauf Haus‘s open mic night in Dupont Circle features hard rock band Black Dog Prowl, and advance sign-ups are open now.

Wednesday 2/27:
DC9‘s bill this Wednesday night gives you four DC rock bands to check off your dance card. Get there early (7:30 PM, champs) to fill your head with PineWalls, The Southern Ocean, The SuperChargers and 1 Identity.

Thursday 2/28:
Finish off February with your Hometown Sounds friends at the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage. This Thursday our #DCmusic series at DC’s most prestigious free stage brings jazz & soul masters Champion Sound Band to your ears and hearts. If you’re one of the many people we meet that hasn’t yet seen a show at the Millennium Stage, make this your first and grab a good seat when the gates open at 5:30 PM.


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