Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 2/15

President’s Day Weekend! Woo hoo! Gotta love almost all those Presidents. Here’s what we got for #DCmusic for your weekend life.

Friday 2/15:
Three DC indie rock bands fill out an early show at DC9 tonight. Mayors of Marble Falls is a new band born from the ashes of Constant Alarm and Bonjour Ganesh! Ménage À Garage and The Feed never disappoint. Music starts at 7 PM sharp.

Saturday 2/16:
Roxplosion is the ace photographer of the scrappy bands making up the DC music scene, and sometimes he even books his own shows. Saturday night Roxplosion presents a staggering four band bill at Dangerous Pies, including Millennium Stage alums Wanted Man, Teen Mortgage, Sheila and the new lady supergroup The OSYX. “Possibly too much rock and roll for one stage, but necessary permits have been acquired so get ready to say ‘I did not know human beings could play that kind of stuff without being bionic or Jedi'”.

Sunday 2/17:
Three of DC’s essential go-go bands share the stage Sunday night at the Fillmore Silver Spring. See Trouble Funk, E.U. and Rare Essence together and get your fill of DC music history.


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