Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 2/08

We’ve plugged a lot of shows in this show picks column, but this weekend of #DCmusic might be the most interesting we’ve yet compiled. Let’s get to it!

Friday 2/08:
The CityPaper invites you to the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Luce Foundation Center this evening for a free two band concert they call Luce Unplugged, even though there are lots of plugs and electricity and whatnot. Things get experimental with ambiance from Twin Jude and Weed Tree, improv by guitarist Layne Garrett and drummer Amanda Huron.

Saturday 2/09:
Johnny Fantastic, aka QueerPOTUS, is curiously obsessed with the past presidents of the United States. In celebration of President’s Day weekend (which is next weekend, don’t freak out), Fantastic presents an All Star Presidential Salute to our 14th-31st commanders in chief. Before you stumble over to Wikipedia, that’s Franklin Pierce to Herbert Hoover, mostly a range of mediocre presidents with a couple of notable exceptions. This unique Saturday night at Slash Run also includes sitcom-core duo The Electric Grandmother, Weems, or the Washington Electronic Excellence Music System featuring Mason Scan of Catscan! and good pal Eric Randall presenting 18th century inspired lounge/house music, and a solemn march to the gates of Lincoln’s Cottage.

Sunday 2/10:
All of a sudden it’s the second Sunday of the month, and CapitalBop is back with another Jazz Loft. This month the DC jazz site hosts saxophonist Marshall Keys and drummer Nik Francis at Takoma Park’s Rhizome. 100% of the money at the door goes to the musicians, so come ready to lend your support.


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