Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 1/25

We know it’s been a tough week for some of you. Cold, rainy, frustrating, bleak. Live music is the balm for your souls. Here are our #DCmusic picks for the weekend.

Friday 1/25:
The Wharf’s Pearl Street Warehouse is doing the most to fill the void left by last year’s closure of Iota. Tonight a couple of veteran Americana rock bands grace their stage, The Walkaways and Roof Beams, as part of the Smithsonian Year of Music.

Saturday 1/26:
In 2017 we were honored to host Grammy-nominated hip-hop legend Kokayi on the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage. Now in 2019 he’s back on the Terrace Gallery stage as part of the #KenCenHipHop Festival this Saturday night for two sets. Do not miss this fantastic opportunity to see one of DC’s finest beatsmiths and rappers.

Sunday 1/27:
The studio and practice space 7DrumCity has become one of the most important focus points of the DC music community. Sunday at the Wharf’s Union Stage they host a Pop-Up Festival with an astounding 11 bands affiliated with the studio and its potluck jams and Flashband showcases, including Lovejet, Higher Numbers, The OSYX, Smokin’ On Planes and more. If you’re a musician looking to get more involved, you can’t miss this event.


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