Tired All The Time – 2 Videos

In unofficial polling when we chat with friends at shows about what resonated in DC music in 2018, Tired All The Time comes up often as the most exciting new find. The anthemic, danceable synth-rock paired with true dedication to a bleak corporate aesthetic is a winning combo. Earlier this year we featured their debut music video “Bone Dry” from their 2018 EP Be Well on Flag Day Recordings, so as the year’s end looms, let’s catch up on two more recent vids. “Little Pieces” is the dark flipside to “Bone Dry”‘s cheery optimism, questioning life as an unappreciated and failing business worker. “Only Exception”, our fave track from the EP, perks things back up with an Indian duo doing a joyous dance routine that doesn’t even attempt to sync up with the song. We love it! Complete their customer satisfaction survey to maintain close corporate ties to the band.


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