Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 12/07

Don’t stay home! If you do you’ll miss these recommended #DCmusic shows and they’ll never happen again.

Friday 12/07:
Oof, there’s a lot of strong choices to recommend tonight. But we have to give our nod to the sometimes hard rockin’ frontman, sometimes introspective blues scholar Jonny Grave. The State Theatre in Falls Church hosts Grave tonight with an opening set from DC’s Cathy Ponton King.

Saturday 12/08:
Come on Black Cat Backstage, are you trying to make us miss you more when you’re gone with these rad December shows? Saturday night things get dreamy and dancey with three awesome DC rock bands you should be friends with: Lavender, The Colonies and Mystery Friends.

Sunday 12/09:
This Sunday night Pearl Street Warehouse and nonprofit boosters Project HERA host an all star night of DC Women Who Rock paying tribute to the 90s. The list of performers is ridiculously huge, including Lauren Calve, Flo Anito, Hayley Fahey, Emily Henry and on and on and on. On this crowd-pleasing night both the future and the past are female!


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