Don’t Stay Home This Week 10/15

We’re midway through October already? How the hell did that happen? Don’t let the mild days blow past you without

Monday 10/15:
Our love affair with Monday night shows at Galaxy Hut will never end. Tonight the Only Clarendon Bar That Matters hosts two DC indie bands, Dougie and a podcast feature from earlier this summer We Capillaries.

Tuesday 10/16:
AdMo’s Songbyrd hosts three diverse DC bands in the upstairs lounge to liven up your Tuesday night. The free and all ages show features The Neuro Farm, Babbling April and Makeup Girl, plus Brooklyn band Monograms. While you’re there, buy some vinyl or tapes and keep everyone going strong.

Wednesday 10/17:
Drummer and booker Jim Thomson’s Multiflora Productions is midway through its impressive month-long festival called Flash of the Spirit, bringing far flung sounds from all over the world to venues all over the city. We’d like to highlight the show Wednesday night at Multiflora’s frequent haunt Bossa Bistro, presenting DC area groups whose music evokes the spirit of the Danube and Eastern European traditions. Broaden your horizons with Orchester Praževica, Lyuti Chushki and Orfeia Vocal Ensemble.

Thursday 10/18:
We’ll be honest here: part of the reason to recommend the Thursday night show at Takoma Park venue Rhizome is the meditative soundscapes of Tristan Welch and thoughtful and quiet intensity of Greg Svitil’s group Teething Veils. The other part is to post this excellent flyer by Cash Langdon, who seems to be the it flyer artist of the moment. Two touring bands from Iowa, Brooks Strause and Extravision, round out the evening.


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