Wolves of the Dry Ravine – Kollontai’s Lullaby

If you’re the type for crusty punk music and slasher films, Slash Run is your go-to spot next weekend. On Saturday October 20th the burger joint hosts a Slasher Party, encouraging patrons to dress up as their favorite slasher movie victims. The music lineup includes German band lamebrains and three DC acts: Cut Chord, The It’s Alives and Wolves of the Dry Ravine. Featuring members of The Electrocutions, Musicband, Death By Sexy, Cobra Collective, Wolves of the Dry Ravine has some classic punk tunes to go along with their wicked name. The newest single from their album Play with Matches (Near the Powder Keg) is called “Kollontai’s Lullaby”, referencing a Russian Marxist revolutionary from the early 20th century named Alexandra Kollontai. Enjoy the accompanying abstract wolf-themed animation and start planning your costume now.


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