Don’t Stay Home This Week 9/18

Ok, brief intermission over! Hometown Sounds is back in the saddle with live music picks to show you how DC is rocking all week long.

Tuesday 9/18:
Head to DC9 for an all-DC bill tonight. The groovy Lovejet celebrates the release of their new EP This Band Called Lovejet, with support from Reed Appleseed and the girl-power pop band Not Your Groupies.

Wednesday 9/19:
How about a good excuse to check out the new Dangerous Pies venue on H St. NE? Two DC bands, psychedelic band FuzzQueen and moody rock newcomers Casual War, share the stage with touring acts The Stone Eye and Mountain Tamer. Also the pies are THA BEST.

Thursday 9/20:
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain at Pearl Street Warehouse‘s occasional free DC music shows. Thursday night Backbeat Underground, veteran of our Kennedy Center Millennium Stage showcase, lays down the funk along with jam band leader Gordon Sterling.


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