Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 8/24

It’s Friday. You know the drill. We’re not staying home, right? Let’s go.

Friday 8/24:
The OSYX are leading the feminist charge in the DC music scene in 2018. Their monthly residency at Dew Drop Inn hits tonight with New York State’s Candy Ambulance and our own Crash Kitten and Honey. It’s worth the trip for “F*ckboys” alone.

Saturday 8/25:
The adorably folksy band Handsome Hound has charmed us silly for many years in DC. But all good things must end, and singers Claire Daviss and Cuchulain Kelly are moving their mustache and suspenders harmony stylings to the west coast. Come sing along to “Hannah” one last time at Songbyrd Saturday night, with support from Elena & Los Fulanos.

Sunday 8/26:
It’s going to be a beautiful weekend to check out DC’s newest swank development The Wharf. Splurge on a fancy dinner out and head to Pearl Street Warehouse for a free show called Southwest Soul Sessions on Sunday evening. Jazz power couple Elijah Balbed and Isabelle De Leon host a jam session with special guests and maybe you too.


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