The Caribbean – Vitamin Ship

DC is damn lucky to have the experimental indie pop band The Caribbean as our own. The densely interwoven lyrics of singer Michael Kentoff align smoothly with unhurried and pleasing sounds from Matt Byars and Dave Jones. This team has stayed consistent through a lot more years and releases than most bands manage. Their newest single “Vitamin Ship” recently got this spangly music video, subtly suggesting both storyline and mood in tandem with Kentoff’s evocative words. “The Vitamin Ship is set to attack a world where cats sun-sleep in a giant atrium and only the most privileged or security-cleared are permitted to experience the rarified state of hypoxia”, says the explanatory text via Bandcamp. The band currently tours America in search of a name for their upcoming album in 2019, so catch up with them at Galaxy Hut on Sunday October 14th and offer your considered suggestions, written on legal currency or pints of exotic craft beer.


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