Don’t Stay Home This Week 8/06

Welcome to August DC. Here are our live #DCmusic picks for the week to come.

Monday 8/06:
The Fort Reno summer concert series is back for pair of rain-date encore shows this week. Tonight catch previously scheduled bands The NRIs and and Small Dad play with Rockville punk band Meatbot.

Tuesday 8/07:
AdMo’s SongByrd Cafe hosts a delightful night of songwriting Tuesday night. Babbling April and Bal Boheme, two bands featured on our DC music podcast, open for a touring band from Columbus Ohio called Trying.

Wednesday 8/08:
DC9‘s Wednesday night show features female-fronted darkwave and indie rock from Daamsel, The Neuro Farm and City Witch. If the songs below hit you in the heart, then this show is where you need to be.

Thursday 8/09:
This Thursday will be the final rain date of Fort Reno’s 50th Anniversary season. Bid farewell to the beloved outdoor summer music fest with Koshari and Wolves of the Dry Ravine, fortuitously rescheduled from last week.


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