Don’t Stay Home This Week 7/30

Wasn’t that a lovely weekend, DC? Even though rain threatens to return this week, that’s no reason to stay home and binge Netflix shows that ain’t going nowhere. We’ve got live music picks for you every night of the week.

Monday 7/30:
How about it not rain on the tail end of the Fort Reno summer concert series? We’d love that, thx. Tonight‘s lineup includes melodic punk from Wolves of the Dry Ravine, dreamy shoegaze from Koshari, and legendary Devin Ocampo’s newest indie rock band The Effects.

Tuesday 7/31:
You need a solid and sizeable indie rock lineup to make your Tuesday night awesome? DC9 provides with The Mild Animals, BabeRage, Makeup Girl and a Cincinatti band strangely named Vermont.

Wednesday 8/01:
We are big fans of the versatile saxophone playing of Frank Mitchell Jr. from many great DC bands including Black Masala, See-I and his current trio Three Man Soul Machine on Growroom Productions. Wednesday night at Marvin Social on 14th St. Mitchell presents a new quartet called Speed Tribe, exploring jazz, funk and avant garde sounds in the vein of Miles’ electric period.

Thursday 8/02:
Unless some rain dates get added to the calendar, this is the last scheduled Fort Reno show of 2018. Go out with a bang with SoundProof Genie, Flasher and the resurrected 90s Dischord band Branch Manager.


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