Don’t Stay Home This Week 7/23

Don’t let thunder, lightning and floods keep you from joining in the #DCmusic community for some top notch shows this week. Here are our picks.

Monday 7/23:
If the monsoon holds off for the rest of the day, head to Fort Reno this evening for a headlining set by The NRIs. Small Dad and Cave Baby continue the strange trend of Fort Reno 2018 bands named either Dad or Baby.
Tonight’s Fort Reno show is called for rain. Here’s hoping they can reschedule soon.

Tuesday 7/24:
One year after an injury to his Achilles tendon, electronic music producer Bernard Farley, aka Outputmessage, is back with his first full length artist album in 3 years. Celebrate the new release, aptly titled Achilles, at Trade on 14th St. Tuesday evening with a DJ set from Julius Jetson, hosted by Jane Saw, and commentary from the artist.

Wednesday 7/25:
Georgetown’s hidden gem Gypsy Sally’s hosts two fun DC bands Wednesday evening. Throwing Plates makes delightful folk rock, while Pleasure Train groove with sexy funky pop tunes.

Thursday 7/26:
Another Fort Reno show? ‘Fraid so, we heart this DC music institution big time. Thursday‘s lineup includes retro instrumental duo Cigarbox Planetarium, moody experimental Knife Wife and TK Echo, the new group of WaPo pop critic Chris Richards.


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