Flasher – Who’s Got Time?

DC punk supergroup Flasher are making tidal waves with the release of their debut full length album Constant Image on Domino Recording Company. The album channels seminal late 80s post-punk vibes and the third single “Who’s Got Time?” lays in hard with a driving beat and complex yet catchy lyrics. The song’s music video by director Adinah Dancyger is a strange wisp of a tale as the trio searches the forest in hazmat suits, leaving much to interpretation. Don’t you dare miss Flasher’s album release show Saturday night at the Black Cat with Chicago’s Dehd and, um, Genderfuck Drag Show by the Girls of Trade.


One thought on “Flasher – Who’s Got Time?

  1. […] DC’s finest this year, spawning no less than four music videos ranging from dour to garish to inscrutable. But the big finish is “Material”, a video artfully designed to both delight and […]

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