Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 5/25

It’s well known that DC clears out on holiday weekends such as this one. If you’re lucky enough to stay in town, here’s some #DCmusic to check out!

Friday 5/25:
Friday night Pearl Street Warehouse at the Wharf hosts two excellent roots rock bands you should know about, Cravin’ Dogs and The Walkaways.

Saturday 5/26:
We love live music outdoors the most, and its season is finally here. Saturday night is the season opener of the monthly Petworth Jazz Project, on the steps of the Petworth Rec Center. Grab a bite from the BBQ food truck and enjoy jazz pianist Federico Gonzalez Peña.

Sunday 5/27:
You always get your money’s worth at Slash Run and then some. Sunday night the burger joint hosts two out of town bands, The Ok-Ok’s and Sleepy Limbs, paired with two DC area indie rock bands, The Mild Animals and Makeup Girl.

If your tastes run more soulful and classy, check out singer Akua Allrich and her jazz group The Tribe present “A Tribute To Mother” in two sets at the historic Blues Alley in Georgetown.

Monday 5/28:
Starr Hill Brewery and Songbyrd host a ska band Monday night, but they’re not telling us the band’s name. Could it be The Pietasters? Kill Lincoln? Eastern Standard Time? Ska is punk’s happier, brassier cousin and we are quite pleased the genre continues to thrive past its too-brief heyday. It won’t cost you nothing to find out who the band is, so don’t miss out.


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