Don’t Stay Home This Week 5/21

Hometown Sounds is on jury duty this week, so forgive the erratic publishing schedule. (Sorry we missed plugging your Galaxy Hut show Swamp Rabbit and Crick & Blippets). Here are your #DCmusic show picks for the rest of this week!

Tuesday 5/22:
Takoma Station is a tavern, not to be confused with the Metro station of the same name. Tuesday nights they host the Jazz Jam, featuring Paul Rosenberg on piano. Bring your chops to jam with the musicians or sit back and enjoy the classic standards.

Wednesday 5/23:
Atlas Brew Works sates your stoner metal needs Wednesday night with DC vets Borracho, Caustic Casanova, and Nashville’s Howling Giant. Hope you aren’t too freaked out by this creepy clown flier.

Thursday 5/24:
Hands up if you’ve ever wanted to go to a buzzy show at Comet Ping Pong but passed because the doors opened at 10 PM. Did you know they also host shows in the Back Room starting at 7? Working stiffs rejoice, and head there Thursday night for our indie rock darlings BRNDA, a recent DC transplant named Frass Green, and Chicago’s Deeper.


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