Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 3/16

DC, here are the best #DCmusic reasons to not stay home this weekend, in chronological order:

Friday 3/16:
This one’s easy, people. Des Demonas leads the Black Cat showcase of DC bands that didn’t make the trek to SXSW in search of stardom. Go see Quattracenta, Cool People, Passing Phases say “FXCK SXSW” and remember, “The South Will Never Rise Again.”

Saturday 3/17:
Slash Run offers two excellent vocal-drive indie rock bands Saturday night. Bleach Bones and ROM are both hidden DC gems that might just satisfy you even more than the Run’s buzzworthy burgers.

Sunday 3/18:
The Washington Women In Jazz Festival always features a strong lineup of the wide variety in the DC jazz scene. The 2018 season wraps up Sunday night at Rhizome with Sarah Hughes‘ Coy Fish improvisational ensemble. The show celebrates Hughes’s debut album and also features her original prose and visual art.


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