Don’t Stay Home This Week 2/12

We don’t care how many Netflix shows are in your bingeing queue. Don’t stay home, damnit! Hit the town and see some live music.

Monday 2/12:
For many years Iota set the standard for open mike nights. Now that it’s gone, many more are rising in popularity, none more so than Bloomingdale’s Boundary Stone. Reed Appleseed hosts the show every week, and music kicks off around 8:30 with $5 drafts all night.

Tuesday 2/13:
Laissez les bon temps rouler! It’s Mardi Gras time, and the Wharf is the place to party tonight. DuPont Brass lead a second line parade through the neighborhood at 6 PM. Then The Grandsons play a free show at Pearl Street Warehouse at 7 PM before the fireworks finale pops off at 8.

Wednesday 2/14:
If you are happily partnered, your Valentine’s Day plans probably involve a fancy dinner, flowers, perhaps ballroom dancing. For the single DC denizens, DC9 hosts A People’s Choir, a Portland import devoted to group sing-alongs. This night is their fourth annual Breakup Songs party, so bring your bitter lack of closure and singing pipes and let it all out.
heart candies

Thursday 2/15:
Two great choices to agonize between tonight. The Wharf’s Union Stage hosts a night of forward looking folk music with LA’s yOya, DC’s beloved expat crooner Seán Barna and Steve Kolowich’s magical ensemble Stranger in the Alps (vets of our Millennium Stage series!)

Another of our Millennium Stage greats, the jazzy hip-hop band The Lucky So & So’s, mash up genres by joining up with pop-punks Ménage À Garage and ska band Barking Carnies at DC9 this night.

We’re back on Friday with your weekend reasons to not stay home!


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