Justin Trawick & The Common Good – Just A Friend

Troubadour Justin Trawick is surely front-runner for the hardest working musician in DC. He’s launched more initiatives than almost any, from his weekly podcast The Circus Life to The 9 Songwriter Series to the unrehearsedDC live video series, showing his fearlessness and drive to create new avenues of musical success for his many many friends. However, one thing we’ve been waiting for is a new album. Trawick and his chums in The Common Good finally released their debut EP Riverwash, a folksy and assured collection of Trawick’s Americana originals, but he couldn’t resist slipping in a ubiquitous cover at the end. Trawick is a born crowd pleaser with an array of reinterpretations at the ready, including his newest music video that didn’t even make the EP cut. Mandolinist Josh Himmelsbach takes the vocal mic for Biz Markie’s 1989 classic “Just A Friend”, with a team of swing dancers lighting up the floor of Pearl Street Warehouse, the place to be Friday night January 26th to celebrate the EP’s release.


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