Bat Fangs – Rock the Reaper

Ex Hex bassist Betsy Wright takes the lead in a new duo with Flesh Wounds drummer Laura King of North Carolina called Bat Fangs (nanananananana Bat Fangs!) Their self-titled album dropping next month on Don Giovanni Records looks to fill the sophomore-Ex-Hex-album-shaped hole in our hearts with huge 80s-era stadium rock riffs and punk attitude. “Rock the Reaper” is the album’s second advance single, after last year’s headbanger “Wolfbite”, and this flashy music video from Drew Hagelin of The El Mansouris gives the duo ample opportunities to look badass. The DC album release show is Friday February 9th at Comet with Faunas and Warm Sun, and you’d be smart to grab advance tix now.


One thought on “Bat Fangs – Rock the Reaper

  1. […] with cinematographer Drew Hagelin, well-known on this site for helming vids from Pearie Sol and Bat Fangs. “The Seduction of Kansas” is truly gorgeous and quintessentially Lynch-ian with […]

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