Cuchulain Kelly – Torn In Two

DC, meet Cuchulain Kelly, the folk singer with the boldest mustache in town. Perhaps you recognize Kelly from fronting the folk rock band Handsome Hound. Instead of following up their 2016 debut EP I Guess We’re Doing Alright, Kelly decided to write and record a solo album, and it’s almost ready to drop into the world. The album release show is Saturday evening at Tropicalia, with Kelly’s full band and Boaty Otis and Orfeia rounding out the lineup. “Torn In Two” is Kelly’s debut music video, featuring fellow Hound Claire Daviss and direction from Airline Andouille‘s Mark Williams Hoelscher. The video is a very boardroom DC view on the current state of the country’s troubles and our willful denials to listen to reason.


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