Incredible Change – Soothing S.W.I.M.

Veteran synthpop band Incredible Change hit the 9:30 Club stage tonight with Honest Haloway and two great bands from Baltimore, Joseph & the Beats and Sweepstakes. IC slowly trickles out new songs featuring singer AIVA via their SoundCloud feed, and the newest “Soothing S.W.I.M.” dropped earlier this week. The New Order-influenced song also got this meditative music video accompaniment of timelapse footage shot in South Beach, Miami and the Outer Banks. Here’s what the band says about the new song:

shall wash your body and soul over and under. Let the waves caress you, and the sand touch your feet. Let your weight float in the sea, and breath in the salty air. Rinse and repeat. Is it being unable to be soothed, or maybe it’s about seeking out a Soothing SWIM. Or perhaps its a desire to feel what you’ve felt before or have never felt before.


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