The Deadmen – 55 Days

The Deadmen is a long-simmering rock supergroup comprised of Justin Jones, Josh Read formerly of Revival and the Gypsy Eyes record label, Justin Hoben and John Scoops. Their debut self-titled album is now out on their own 8 Gang Switch record label’s online store, and it’s every bit as hard-edged and serious as the faces of the musicians on the cover. The debut single is “55 Days”, a crime-ridden tale of escape and loss given this bleak and dark narrative video from director Patrick Mason. This release gives a healthy shot in the arm of national attention to DC’s roots-rock scene.


One thought on “The Deadmen – 55 Days

  1. […] and commissioned filmmaker Patrick Mason for two music videos to promote it. The first was “55 Days”, a beautiful and dark narrative video of an escaped convict attempting to return home, but the […]

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