Black Cobain & Reesa Renee – Brown Sugar

DMV rapper Black Cobain is currently blessing the west coast with his talents, but his new single “Brown Sugar” is a collaboration with our own afro-headed sweetheart Reesa Renee. This empowering ode to ladies with brown skin is a sexy, slinky mix of rap and R&B, and the video features Renee singing with Miss Black Virginia USA Midori Amae and the mysterious _PandaWhite, who really shouldn’t be so shy hiding underneath a giant panda head.

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One thought on “Black Cobain & Reesa Renee – Brown Sugar

  1. […] enough of Reesa Renee yet? Us neither! Yesterday we featured her new collab with Black Cobain, but today the floppy-headed singer takes us back to her 2015 EP […]

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