Cinema Hearts – I Want You (But I Don’t Need You)

Last week dreamy indie pop trio Cinema Hearts released their second music video from their debut album Feels Like Forever. “I Want You (But I Don’t Need You)” is the perfect vehicle for singer Caroline Weinroth’s darling vocal delivery, with a retro 50s style radio single about love and assertiveness. The music video, directed by Brad Howard and produced by Weinroth, leverages her background in musical theater to create an “Enchantment under the Sea” worthy dance extravaganza with matching outfits and dance moves.


One thought on “Cinema Hearts – I Want You (But I Don’t Need You)

  1. […] take you a minute and a half to find out why. Director Brad Howard, who also gave us the recent romantic video by Cinema Hearts, presages the ridiculous creepy clown scare of Autumn 2016 with this brief tale of […]

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