Cinema Hearts – Daydreaming

Dreamy indie pop band Cinema Hearts released their first music video today, and it’s as charming as you’d expect of this young and talented band. “Daydreaming” comes from their debut album Feels Like Forever which came out earlier this year.

Singer Caroline Weinroth described the song and video in their email newsletter:

This summer, we took a road trip to go camping in the mountains and play music for folks outside of our hometown. It was our band’s first small weekend tour (a friend of Erich’s scoffed at the idea that I called this getaway a “tour,” arguing that a “real band tour” would include more nights sleeping on strangers’ floors and more concert dates in far-off cities. But for a girl who has never left home, a weekend in the Blue Ridge Mountains is a thrilling and nerve-racking adventure).

When I drive down Route 81, I am always in awe of the vast farmland, the tacky billboards advertising roadside attractions, and the grand mountains looming beyond the skyline. We stopped in the small town of Harrisonburg, Virginia, and I thought of how my closest friends and strongest crushes moved there and attended school at the town’s big spirited university, while I remained at the local commuter college and lived at home. I wrote “Daydreaming” during a 3-hour lecture class I had on Fridays. I was daydreaming about a boy I liked who went to school in Harrisonburg, and the possibility that we could date in the summertime when he returned (he never called me again).

Driving in Southern Virginia fills me with opposing feelings: the quirky landmarks excite me and the quaint towns bore me; visiting friends with their laid-back Southern habits makes me envious of their routines, yet their lifestyles convince me that I truly belong with the rushing hubbub of the North. I often wonder what my life would have been like had I gone to school in Harrisonburg too, and then I realize that this band, my favorite thing, never would have happened.

Cinema Hearts plays next at Comet Ping Pong opening for Death Valley Girls on Saturday October 1st.


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