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K.A.A.N. – Still

Hey DC. Hey. You remember the other day, when we showed you that video by K.A.A.N.? The one with the staccato machine-gun fire of dope lyrics to drown out any doubts about Brandon Perry’s ability to deliver Knowledge Above All Nonsense? Well well, guess what. Just one week after posting the song and video for “Water”, K.A.A.N. delivers again with the Cashflow-produced song “Still”, once again with The_Faiz_Phase crafting the accompanying visuals. Go to your calendar and draw a big red X on Friday September 9th cuz that’s the day you’ll be heading to H St. NE’s Rock & Roll Hotel to catch K.A.A.N. live alongside locals 8hundred, Chomp Chomp Beats and Detroit’s Skywlkr. And don’t miss Perry’s comedic impression skills at the end of the video.


Near Northeast – Millennium Stage preview


It’s impossible to understate the contribution to the DC music community provided by the Kennedy Center’s free Millennium Stage series. For nearly two decades now, these free post-work shows bring performers large and small, far and near to a diverse and attentive audience full of kids, senior citizens and other people you don’t usually see at DC music venues. Not only are all shows professionally live-streamed online to those that can’t make it, but their vast archive of performances is an untapped trove of amazing music.

DC indie folk band Near Northeast are so excited about their upcoming show that they’ve prepared a special collaboration. The band, comprised of Avy Malik, Kelly Servick and Austin Blanton, originally formed after accidentally meeting while backing an Indian classical singer & dancer at a performance at the Kennedy Center in 2013. At their Millennium Stage show on Friday August 26th, they revisit the fusion of East and West that brought them together with a collaborative performance featuring Soumya Chakraverty (sarod) and Debupriya Nayak (tabla), and a new composition called “Indali”.

The band shot this short video below during recent rehearsals for the show to give you a taste of the styles they explore. If you’re new to this band currently capturing a lot of buzz in DC, watch their excellent music video for “Under the Pines” and grab their 2015 debut album Curios for whatever price you like. RSVP for the Millennium Stage show & don’t miss it!


K.A.A.N. – Water

Columbia MD rapper KAAN releases killer singles about as fast as he strings together words, which is (Spoiler Alert) really quite fast. The quick-fire rapping might be an attention-grabbing strategy, but it takes a deft talent to pull it off like KAAN does, and who’s to argue with results anyway? The latest single by Brandon Perry’s moniker, which stands for Knowledge Above All Nonsense, is the Blev-produced “Water”, and this time KAAN tapped fellow MD musical collaborator The_Faiz_Phase with music video duties. Follow KAAN’s SoundCloud feed for a steady flow of sonic gems, and try to decode all the lyrical knowledge before the next one drops.


Podcast for August 12th, 2016


Paul spills about his unfashionably goth past, while Tony avoids sensitive subjects.

Bomani Armah – Libation [The Watermelon Man]
Will Copps – Rush [Rush/Release]
Clones of Clones – The Test [single]
Haunts – Witches [Demo]
Technophobia – Negative Space [Flicker Out]
Wild Coast – Technicolor Blues [Wild Coast]

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Spirit Plots – Burnt Tapes

Spirit Plots celebrated the release of their long awaited self-titled full length album on vinyl with a special show this past weekend at 7DL Drum Studios that included a pressing of the record for every attendee. We don’t usually run live concert takes on our DC music video posts, but Fred Yi did such a good job capturing this short & sweet, snarling punk rock take of “Burnt Tapes” that we had to share.


Aaron Abernathy – Favorite Girl

Soul singer Aaron “AB” Abernathy has built an impressive musical career since graduating from Howard University. Influential hip-hop group Slum Village tapped Ab as its musical director in the late 2000s, which led to a gig playing keys in Nat Turner, the backing band for Detroit’s own underground star Black Milk. Ab has released a series of singles, EPs and collabs, but DC is way more than ready for a full length solo album by this retro-soul champion, and in October we’ll get it when Monologue finally drops. The appetizer is now served with this lead-off single, a classic and soulful tribute to mothers called “Favorite Girl”.


Tarica June – But Anyway

Tarica June does double duty as Howard University-trained lawyer and rising MC. Both she & her family are from DC, so the changes that money and gentrification have brought to the city are both troubling and musically inspiring to her. Her single “But Anyway”, originally on her free 2014 mixtape S​.​O​.​C. Mixtape Vol. 1 and also the new re-juggled EP Stream of Consciousness Vol. 1​.​5, absolutely blew up the internet a few months ago with the release of the music video, directed by June herself. The unmistakeable 90s era samples from Suzanne Vega and Eric B & Rakim instantly hook you, allowing June to spin rapid fire lyrics about nostalgia and disruptive change, before the backdrop of her neighborhood Petworth. Sometimes it seems that nothing can stop rich newcomers from gutting the city’s character, but Tarica June’s hopeful message resonates in cities all over the country.