Reesa Renee – Hello Mama

The current theme in DC music is the ascendancy and ubiquity of women throughout every genre. We try to feature diversity with every episode of our podcast, so it’s not wall-to-wall straight white dudes, but for the last episode we put together, our first cut of songs featured women leading every one. 5 of our last 6 song and video posts are either solo female or female-fronted bands. Where ya at, bros? These ladies are showing you up, and R&B singer Reesa Renee puts a cherry on that trend with her new single “Hello Mama”. Producer Reggie Volume pumps the slow jam uptempo with a funky guitar riff and staccato brass section that makes it easy to fall for Renee’s sweet smile and floppy afro. The video by Minista Millz of Minista Cinema puts just the right animated touch to a tale of sweet summertime love connection. Grab her EP Lovers Rock now.


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