Elena & Los Fulanos – Amor Migrante

Elena & Los Fulanos occupy a unique niche in DC music. Playing at venues like Black Cat and the Luce Unplugged series, Elena Lacayo sings in both English and Spanish, and writes about her own experiences immigrating to the US from her homeland of Nicaragua. She and her band just released a new music video for “Amor Migrante”, the latest single release from her debut full length album Miel Venenosa, depicting the emotional struggles of Rosario Reyes, an undocumented immigrant mother who has been separated from her son, José Ramón, for 12 years. The lyrics are in Spanish but the video makes excellent use of YouTube’s closed captioning feature to translate into English and allow all of us to fully experience its powerful message.

If you want to learn how Elena crafts songs and get help writing your own, join in her monthly songwriting workshop at BloomBars in Columbia Heights next on Saturday May 21st.


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