Paperhaus – Silent Speaking

Psychedelic indie rock band Paperhaus has undergone many changes in their 7 year history as a DC band. After recently vacating their eponymous house where they ruled the DIY/DIT house show scene, core member Alex Tebeleff rejiggered the lineup to include Deleted Scenes’ Matt Dowling and Rick Irby, who also goes by the solo moniker Jau Ocean, and took the band to Philly to record under producer Brian McTear. The first single in this new era is “Silent Speaking”, and Pree’s Ben Usie made a lyric video for it that should utterly creep you out if you have Ommetaphobia (google it, I just did). Come get trippy at the Black Cat tonight as Paperhaus celebrates the release of this single and also Blight Records’ CrushnPain’s new EP All Mountains, with support from Nag Champa.


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