Lighting Fires – I Remember When

A common theme of ours on the Hometown Sounds podcast is how the music scene in the NOVA suburbs never get love & attention from DC proper. Perhaps I’m biased because I live over the river in Arlington, but old school Clarendon venues Galaxy Hut and Iota are two of the best spots to see live music in the whole DMV. Guitarist Andrew Gaddy and drummer Adam Neubauer of the dance-rock band Lighting Fires have deep ties to many bands in that scene, so of course they chose Iota for the shoot of their first music video for the insanely catchy single “I Remember When”, from last year’s pay-what-you-want 4 song EP Friend Fiction. Lighting Fires kicks off your weekend right with an early show Friday night at DC9 featuring DC’s Grey Gardens and Nashville’s *repeat repeat.


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