DuPont Brass – Common Tones (NPR Tiny Desk Contest submission)

By now everyone in town must have heard DuPont Brass playing outside metro stations and in hot spots like U Street. The clear advantage to the New Orleans brass band style is portability, allowing this ensemble to grow in popularity as it doubled in size. They play their first hometown show of the year this Friday night at Tropicalia, guaranteed to break a traditionally stoic DC audience into dance. I really dig the addition of hip-hop vocals to the jazz funk in “Common Tones”, their submission to NPR Music’s 2016 Tiny Desk Contest.

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One thought on “DuPont Brass – Common Tones (NPR Tiny Desk Contest submission)

  1. […] DuPont Brass brings a touch of New Orleans second line brass band style to DC. Combining hip-hop, jazz and R&B, these Howard grads have graduated from street busking to blowout club gigs befitting their full, funky sound. “Sunshine” is their second go-round in NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Contest, after last year’s song “Common Tones”. […]

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