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Alex Vans – Feel The Bern

Democratic Socialist & presidential candidate Bernie Sanders continues to inspire young voters and make the contest for the Democratic nomination interesting, substantive and classy. One person fully swept up in Bernie fever is DC musician Alex Vans, who not only wrote an original campaign theme song “Feel The Bern” but organized supporters to shoot a music video on the mall. Buy the song on iTunes or stream on Spotify and Alex will donate all proceeds to the Bernie Campaign.

Your move, Trump.


Middle Distance Runner – The Unbeliever

Our favorite music festival of the year, the all DC based Magnificent Intentions, spreads its wings tonight at Iota and tomorrow at DC9. As we said on this week’s podcast, you won’t find a better way to check out such a wide variety of excellent DC bands live. Saturday night’s show features the album release party for Secret Things by Middle Distance Runner, who’ve kept us waiting for 6 years for a new full length from the hook-laden rock band. In case you’re new to these fine fellows, watch this claymated music video for “The Unbeliever”, the lead single from their 2009 album The Sun and Earth. See you this weekend at the festival!


Heavy Breathing – I NO LUV

Once upon a time, before the proliferation of swipe-to-date apps led by Tinder, lonely singles logged into anonymous internet chat rooms to search for love. This obviously never really worked because of geography and outright lying about everything from looks to gender, but psychedelic electronic rock band Heavy Breathing still looks back on this dark era nostalgically in the new music video “I NO LUV” from their just-released album Airtight. The only thing Heavy Breathing takes seriously is their ability to make you feel weird and exhilarated, and in this “I NO LUV” succeeds like only their live shows have before. Heavy Breathing is one of DC’s must-see live acts, and you’re in luck as they’re anchoring a fantastic late-night bill this Saturday night at Comet Ping Pong with Tone and The Caribbean, where’s you’ll be able to score the new album on vinyl. Be warned, don’t watch this video at work like I just did.


Magnificent Intentions Podcast Takeover Dec. 1, 2015


DC musicians Ryan Walker and Brian Pagels take over the Hometown Sounds Podcast to preview the upcoming 2015 edition of the Magnificent Intentions Music Festival!

Middle Distance Runner – Real World [Secret Things]
Sara Curtin – Song for Thanksgiving [single]
Title Tracks – I Don’t Need To Know
The Iris Bell – All I’ve Got To Lose [Always and Always]
The Duskwhales – I Won’t Be Your Sun [The Duskwhales]
Louis Weeks & Noah Berman – radius ii [arc | radius | curtain]

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