Heavy Breathing – I NO LUV

Once upon a time, before the proliferation of swipe-to-date apps led by Tinder, lonely singles logged into anonymous internet chat rooms to search for love. This obviously never really worked because of geography and outright lying about everything from looks to gender, but psychedelic electronic rock band Heavy Breathing still looks back on this dark era nostalgically in the new music video “I NO LUV” from their just-released album Airtight. The only thing Heavy Breathing takes seriously is their ability to make you feel weird and exhilarated, and in this “I NO LUV” succeeds like only their live shows have before. Heavy Breathing is one of DC’s must-see live acts, and you’re in luck as they’re anchoring a fantastic late-night bill this Saturday night at Comet Ping Pong with Tone and The Caribbean, where’s you’ll be able to score the new album on vinyl. Be warned, don’t watch this video at work like I just did.


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